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Islamic Studies For Kids

Find the best Shia Quran learning for kids with our expert teachers

Welcome to Jafria Quran Academy, your final target for Shia Quran Learning as a faithful Shia Quran Learning Academy. Our Academy extends exceptional services to all Shia Muslims worldwide. Our Academy is planned to provide a complete understanding of Islam. It offers access to the Fiqh Course (Fiqh Jafferia) led by knowledgeable Shia Quran and educators. Our students can explore Islamic Studies and Fiqh, all changing to Shia perspectives.

Islamic Studies for Kids – production of a Strong Base for Tomorrow

Our Academy believes that for a successful future, Shia Muslims must get a deep understanding of Islam. It is not only an individual’s responsibility but also a collective duty for the entire Shia community. Our manual Islamic Studies for Kids course. It is the perfect chance for young minds. This chance to accept and divert themselves in the teachings of Islam. We take pride in providing the best online Shia Quran Teaching worldwide, catering to students in the UK, Australia, Canada, and various Western countries.

Join us today and give your children the knowledge, wisdom, and wealth of the Shia faith.

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Discover the benefits of learning from the comfort of your own home with our Shia Islamic Studies Online course. This complete program delves into Aqaid and Fiqh. But children also investigate essential duas. Our skilled Shia Quran Teachers ensure that lessons are delivered the most.

Islamic Studies play a crucial role in including Islam’s teachings. Islamic studies are the commandments of Allah and the revered Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Every mother understands the importance of learning about the basic beliefs and values ​​of Islam in the Shia tradition. Unfortunately, access to Shia institutes can be difficult for some Momineen due to limited availability.

Here, we bridge that gap by offering not only a Shia Quran class but also a complete Islamic studies curriculum. Empowering students with knowledge and our mission is committed to providing this opportunity to all eager learners.

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Investigate Shia Islamic Studies

Our Academy offers an improved online course on Shia Islamic Studies.  It plays a pivotal role in comprehending the essence of Islam. Our course holds immense significance as it strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • The Quran and Islam
  • Ahl ul-Bayt’s school
  • Important application
  • Islamic morals and ethics

Our Academy’s exceptional process enables students to gain profound insights into Islamic teachings. Our course materials are crafted, ensuring top-notch quality.  As we impart the essence of true Islam. At our Shia Quran Academy, you can place your trust in a dependable institution. Our Academy offers an unparalleled opportunity to grasp Islam’s true essence.

    Target Audience for the Course

According to the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt, our course follows Fiqh Jafferia. This Shia Islamic Studies Online course is planned for children. It aims to provide Shia Muslims with a complete understanding of Islam. Through our Online Shia Quran Academy, we adopt a distance learning process. Our Academy enables students to access the course material online. Our Academy welcomes all Muslims following the Fiqh Jafferia to apply to this course and broaden their knowledge of Islam.

Discover the Art of Teaching at Jafria Quran Academy

Our Academy takes pride in offering a 0verall and enhanced educational journey for students. It delves into the depths of Islamic Fiqh and the fundamental tenets of Islam. Our Academy, with a warm and inviting atmosphere, covers essential topics such as Karma, Wuzu, Namaz, Asool-e-Deen, and significant dua. It ensures our students grasp the essence of these teachings.

Our  Jafria Quran Academy places special emphasis on Shia Islam’s laws. This legal system and its principles are rooted in Shia beliefs. By the end of the course, our students have a deep understanding of Islamic philosophy.  Our students have Islamic history, and the invaluable skill of deriving rules from the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

The curriculum includes the guidance of respected Shia scholars. Our course offers essential insights for Shia Muslims. And our course paved the way for a complete grasp of Shariah principles. Join us in this delightful journey of learning. Our Academy cultivates a vibrant and inclusive environment for all learners. The course content is given below which is studied in our academy.

  • History of Islam
  • Principles and Doctrines
  • Tahaarat (cleanliness and purification)
  • Salat
  • Siyam (fasting)
  • Engagement and Marriage

Within this course, students delve into the fundamental principles and responsibilities of a Shia Muslim. Our course draws insights from the Shia Islamic Laws. Participants will be involved in the difficulty of practicing and valuing actions. They align with the core principles of Shia Islam, fostering a complete understanding and appreciation of the faith. The students will learn in our academy.

  • The foundation of Shia Islam
  • The history of Islam (according to Shia beliefs)
  • Beliefs
  • Essentials for worship
  • Our academy leads your life as per teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Ahl –e – Bait

     Why select Our Course?

Jafria Quran Academy takes pride in being a distinguished online institution offering Islamic and Shia Quran Education. Our Fiqh course caters to Shia Muslims. It presents them with an invaluable chance to delve deep into the teachings of Shi’i Islam. Imbued with a pleasant and nurturing atmosphere. Our institute provides a conducive learning environment. Our Shia Quranic tutors demonstrate a keen commitment to providing effective Fiqh education. They accommodate Shia students worldwide. Our course is available in both Urdu and English languages. Our Academy provides the Shia Yassarnal Quran through the expertise of seasoned Islamic educators.

Led by experienced teachers, Shia Qari, and scholars, this advanced course offers complete insights into the students’ religious beliefs.  It enables learners to study from the comfort of their homes. Under the guidance of certified scholars, we strive to ensure that every Shia brother and sister gains easy access to Quranic knowledge. And get Islamic knowledge, paving the way for a bright and successful future.