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Online Quran Memorization

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The Shia Online Quran Memorization program, for Ahle Tashi Muslims is a great opportunity, which should be done sincerely and with much devotion. Muslims have a different kind of connection with the Quran through daily recitations. Join the Shia Hifz online session to quickly understand the words of the Quran e Pak. e-learning in Quran memorization for all age groups

The Jafaria Quran Academy meets the needs of Shia Muslims without local madrasas or academies. Our platform has helped in the democratization of access to make sure that every Ahle Tashi student is allowed to kick start his or her Quran Memorisation online course from their own homes. Our Shia Quran Center provides all Islamic education needs for the Ahle Tashi followers. However, our most fundamental responsibility is to care for our children and future generations of ours; we must provide them with a religious and prosperous future based on teachings from our Ayemma Tahereen (a.s.).

Our online Shia Quran Teaching is famous and provides a great educational experience. Our students’ Hifz sessions are of great importance to every Ahle Tashi Muslim because it is an integral aspect of their religion.

Who is qualified for online Quran memorization?

Ahle Tashi students all over the world can register for our online Quran memorization program. This course is intended for those who have completed the Tajweed course. Our Shia Quran academy is assured of the excellence of Hifz Quran Online.

   Online Quran Memorization (Hifz) 

 Program Students are also allowed to be flexible and go for their chosen study hours. Our online     Quran academy for the Shia community provides Hifz-e-Quran classes internationally. The learners interact with the Qur’an from their comfort zones and move from one lesson to another depending on their understanding of the previous. This is a curriculum that mainly suits students but also adults are welcome. It also improves the oral recitation of the holy book.

Course Suitability: Who Would Benefit?

The curriculum is strictly based on the Fiqh Jafferia ideology because of our connection to the Ahl al-Bayt ideology. Our Academy allows young learners to interact with online Shia Islamic studies. The educational program seeks to offer a broad understanding of Islam to Shia Muslims. Our academy operates on a remote learning mode allowing students to access the course materials online. The Fiqh Jafferia community is open for all to enlist.

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Hifz Teaching Techniques Using Online Process to Quran.

In using an extremely pedagogical approach, our platform, which is a teaching platform, teaching Shia Quran online courses, is very effective. Every student receives personalized Shia Quran Lessons tailored for one-to-one experience, which leads to a unique learning journey. All sessions are done live; we do not use any recorded materials. We have many experienced and skilled Quran Shia reciters on our panel. The method of their teaching is deeply effective; hence, the memorization of the Shia Online Quran is fun and easy. The course architecture is meticulously planned to cater to different speeds and potentials within the Quranic memorization of each student. We have a well-designed curriculum that helps in the easy recall of the Holy Quran.

This memorization journey unfolds in two distinctive stages:

     Initial Stage:

In this stage, students learn how to recite in a Tajweed way by paying attention to the correct pronunciation and articulation.

    Advanced Stage:

Instructors appropriately adapt their teachings to suit individual students. So, students memorize verses successively under instructor guidance. The instructional approach has three fundamental elements. The first part consists of Shia online Quran memorization from the current lesson. One involves reviewing and reinforcing the current subject matter while the other deals with revisiting what was covered before.

Advantages of the Program

We allow adults and children of all ages to learn and memorize the Quran. This can be done at the convenience of their homes, at any time of their choosing. We always finish this course much earlier than our students, who are taking similar classes in other colleges. Our program is a seamlessly structured learning process open to Ahle Tashi Muslims of all ages. Our tutors have a wide range of knowledge and are experienced, proficient, and skilled. Shia students can access this course from anywhere in the world. We provide a reliable venue for Shia Quran education that can act as an international platform for momineen.


     Why one should choose us?

In online academia, we are the dependable hub specially designed for the Shia believers, our esteemed Ahle Tashi partners. As a sign of our dedication, our teachers, who are equally Shia, only talk about our holy books through Shia traditions. We invite the Ahle Tashi to participate in their Quran memorization classes as part of extending our services to the Ahle Tashi segment. Our skillful female mentors work with girls and children while male mentors are working with boys. Every Shia tutor who is with us in our academy is proficient in English, Urdu, and Arabic.

Our all those Shia followers who want to have an exciting journey on the web in the online Quran memorization course, we invite them immediately to communicate with us.