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Read the Quran With Tajweed

Unlock the Beauty of Tajweed: Learn to Read Quran with Jafria Academy’s Expert Teachers

The importance of Tajweed should be appreciated when reciting the Quran online. Tajweed helps to ensure that each letter is properly pronounced and thereby increases the beauty of your recital. First of all, one should learn Quranic Tajweed to become a master of Shia Quran Tajweed.

We also offer a full-fledged Tajweed course for the children and adults of Momineen at Jafria Academy. It is our sacred duty to recite every word from the Quran accurately, as we respect the fact that Allah’s words are sacred and divine. This requires that a person fully understands all the rules of Quranic recitation. Any mispronunciations could change the original meaning, hence we must avoid this and take the Quran reading with due consideration.

Join our online platform today to experience the splendor of Quranic Tajweed such as Shia Quran Tajweed.

   Eligibility for Enrollment

The Jafaria Quran Academy provides online education for Tajweed to Shia Muslim learners only. We deliver our specialist Quran lessons virtually, so people in Australia and Canada can learn Shia Quran Tajweed. To commence, just finalize the enrollment formalities You only need two essential elements: a computer connected to the internet. The course accepts students irrespective of age and gender, making the learning process friendly.

   Tajweed through interactive online Quran lessons.

Register and embark on the path of professional Quran recitation now! Our primary course equips the believers with the skill of Quranic recitation with Tajweed. At the end of the program, students will read the Quran with no stumbling at all. We offer an online course that focuses on Shia Muslims who are both males and females of different ages. Our skilled Shia Quran teachers provide you with high-grade guidance and employ superior teaching methods.ederbörd: The weather. This course for believers is taught by both male and female teachers committed to it.

Course Duration?

This course’s duration depends on the student’s learning progress. In this course, students can learn at their own pace. The students in this course learn:

Proper articulation

         Correct inflection

  • Accurate pronunciation
  • Emphasis on letters and words
  • Recitation with the right pace
  • What else will you learn in this class?

  Students learn the rules of Tajweed such as:

  • Makharij-ul-Huroof
  • Sifaat-ul-roof
  • Noon(Sakinah, tanween)
  • Meen (Sakinah)
  • Muddud
  • Laam (Qamariyya and Shamsia
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Unlocking the Excellence of Tajweed: Take advantage of our Course’s Unique Benefits.

Learn the unique advantages of signing up for the Tajweed Course at Jafaria Quran Academy. We make it possible for students to study the Quran with Shia Quran Teachers and they don’t have to go anywhere for it. Learn Tajweed from home, at your pace, at your time.

After taking our course, students can now make mistakes of any kind in their Quranic recitations. Truly, the Shia Quran Academy is a blessing for our Momineen in the entire world, a source of knowledge and belief.

Female tutors are highly available. We are very proud of the fact that we do not discriminate in the teaching of Tajweed, creating a safe environment for Shia female students to study the Holy Quran. Shia Quran Recitation Online has now become more easily accessible and empowering with our professional lady Quran teachers.

We charge reasonable fees at Jafria Quran Academy, and it is fair to us. Do not miss this unique chance to learn the correct pronunciation of the Quran even in a hustler and bustler lifestyle.

Begin your Quranic trail today with a virtual Shia Quran tutor – Skype. Transformative course to unleash the essence of Tajweed.